March 2020 Market Upate

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March Market Update

If you haven’t heard, rates are at all-time historic lows again! I’ve heard of 3% for a 30 year and as low as 2.6% for a 15 year term.  So, if you: 

Have PMI and bought more than a year ago
Have an interest rate over 3.75%
Have been wanting to do a remodel/addition with a cash/out refi
Have wanted to pay off some other high interest debt
Have wanted to reduce your term from a 30 year or whatever is remaining on your 30 year to a 15 or 10 year term

NOW IS THE TIME! This could save you tens of thousands over the life of a loan.  Call me if you want me to pull some comps for you to see what your home might appraise for.

Will the corona virus affect real estate now that Massachusetts and the metro Boston Middlesex county has confirmed cases? Difficult to tell for now, as it’s business as usual with the spring market so far. Maybe we will start to see a reduction at the ever-popular open houses, but it hasn’t happened yet. Stay posted for next month's update.

Happy Spring!



The month of March heralds the onset of spring. Soon our landscape will be popping with tulips, jonquils and many kinds of flowers for all to enjoy.  Flower fields, farmer's markets and outdoor marketplaces will soon be open with their new harvest of goods. 

In the meantime, there are many wonderful events to attend around the area, reminding us that that Spring is truly on the way:

Boston Restaurant Week
Spring Bulb Show -Botanical Garden of Smith College
Boston Flower and Garden Show
The Hopkinton Winter Farmers Market 
2020 Wayland Farmers Market
Paradise City Arts Festival Marlborough
Heritage Craft Fair in Framingham
Worcester Boat Show