February 2020 Market Update

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February market update

This year in both Middlesex & Worcester counties, the amount of listings for sale was down 21% compared to last year and the sales prices were up about 1.5%. In Natick the listing units was down by 40% and average sales prices were up by 31%!  In Framingham the number of listings were more along the average at 20% but the average sales prices were up 15%.

This data, along with the continued low interest rates seems to indicate that we will have another year of increasing sales prices and decreasing inventory.

February Home Care Tips

Spring might be around the corner, but February can still bring plenty of harsh winter weather. Some of the harshest of the season, in fact. So that makes this month the perfect time to knock out some more of those indoor tasks to get your home ready for warmer times. We’ve created a handy checklist of home maintenance tasks to give your home a lift in February. Check these to-do items off your list, then sit back and relax for the last few weeks of winter!

1. Clean the vent duct for your clothes dryer. Fires created by clogged dryer vents are one of the most common causes of house fires.
2. Test your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms.
3. Make sure you and your family members know the location of all gas shut-off valves.
4. Examine your thermostat. Clean the heat sensor, contact points, and contacts; check your thermometer's accuracy and replace if necessary.
5. Pull out your refrigerator and clean behind the unit. Be sure to clean off the coils.
6. Check your fire extinguishers. Refill or replace as needed.